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The Community Council are pleased to announce the start of our Kick Start Grant Programme.

We will be providing kick start grants to local, community, constituted groups (conditions apply) to help them restart their amazing work now that Covid restrictions are easing, and things are, hopefully, returning to some kind of normality for us all.

Should you wish to apply, please return one of the below application forms or contact us for a form on the details below.  

   >> Criteria Information
  >> Application Form - English
  >> Application Form - Welsh

Phone: 01978 840007
email: rhoscomcouncil@outlook.com

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Job Vacancy: Part Time Deputy Clerk - Click here to view more info >>

Cyngor Cymuned Rhosllannerchrugog community Council




Please click here to view information on the opening of our play areas >>

The Community recognise the efforts of individuals and businesses who’ve already have established support mechanisms on social media platforms and will ensure that they are linked with the good neighbour scheme.

It is very welcoming to see such initiatives coming forward within local community, but one would not expect any less from such a caring and compassionate community that we are all fortunate to live in.
If you wish to get involved with the Good Neighbour Scheme then please contact our office on 01978 840007 or email rhoscomcouncil@outlook.com


The Community Council is the tier of local government nearest to the people and made up of Councillors, it makes decisions as a whole for the benefit of the Community, represents the views of that council and never speak or act individually.

The Clerk, who is employed by the Council, provides the independent, objective and professional support the Council need to make their decisions to get the best deal and work within their powers.

The Clerk deals with many services on behalf of the Community Council:

  • Local footpath streetlighting
  • Complaints regarding any issues within the community
  • Rhosllannerchrugog Cemetery, the office holds the burial records for the cemetery from 1884.
  • Administrator – every day normal work not too exciting
  • Disciplinary officer
  • H R/Personnel officer – dealing with employees, salaries, tax returns etc
  • Legal officer
  • Building/site Management
  • Finance officer – Audit, Precept and Monthly accounts must be able to meet deadlines, keep on top of things.
  • Peacemaker/mediator
  • Record keeper/minute taker, meeting and agenda organiser
  • Health & Safety officer/ Risk assessor –to be able to respond to needs and act on issues as required
  • Community officer & Public relations officer  – maintaining the front line of the Council in a professional and respectful manner
  • Remembrance Day Parades
  • Christmas events
  • Community projects – Wales in Bloom, Best Environmental projects etc.
  • Youth Council – the only youth council in Wales, this is a representation from all local schools and local youths who attend feeder schools, who meet every 2 months to discuss issues that the youth may have in the community and to keep Council up to date with school events and activities.  The Youth Council members do visit MPs in London and AMs in Cardiff to learn all about local politics and how it affects them.

And many more things that will crop up on a daily basis.

Behind every good Clerk is a good Assistant Clerk, who is the front line of telephone contact and personal contact within the office.

The Community Council also employs 2 Cemetery staff, who deal with the day to day running of the Cemetery under the supervision of the Clerk.  Mike Gittins and Allan Earle - Summer Hours -  April to September  – 1st shift– 7.30.a.m. to 2.30.p.m. with ½ hour lunch break – 2nd shift 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. with ½ hour lunch.

Winter hours to October to March  – 8.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. with ½ hour lunch break, Monday to Thursday – Friday would finish ½ hour earlier.

The Staff work a 2 shift rota in the summer to provide assistance to those visiting the Cemetery and to carry out the essential work to maintain the Cemetery to a very high standard.